Types of guns
One of the advantages we offer is that when you hunt with us, we can offer you to rent our weapons at EUR 15 per day and the cartridge price according to type, caliber and number of cartridges used, including for testing. We offer the following weapons:

CZ combination hunting gun, 502.10 model in cal. 30-06/12×70, with a 6×42 Meopta optics
Steyr-Mannlicher bolt rifle, Luxus model in cal. 9,3×62 with a 6×42 Meopta optics
CZ bolt rifle, 550 Magnum, in caliber .375HH Magnum with 3,5-10×52 Nikon optics, with a red light point
Mauser bolt rifle, 98 model, made in Ferlach, Austria, in cal. .375HH Magnum, with 2,5-10×52 Zeiss optics
CZ bolt rifle, 550 model in cal. .416 Rigby with 1,5-5×20 Leupold optix with a red light point
Sauer bolt rifle, 202 model made in Ferlach, Austria, in cal. .458 Lott with 3-9×40 Trijicon optics with a red light point
Kreighoff express, Classis, in cal. .375HH Magnum with 3-9×40 Leupold optics with a red light point
Kreighoff express, Classic, in cal. .470 NE without optics

Types of ammunition

We offer all types of ammunition which the rifles have been tested with – soft point (SP) and full metal jacket (FMJ), made by Labor fur Ballistic, Norma and RWS Dynamite Nobel.


We offer Vixen 8×56, Bushnell 10×42 and MD 12×45.

We recommend that you use heavier calibers in hunting all types of game due to the high trophy prices and the obligation to pay for any animal that has been wounded but not found.

Our main reason for recommending heavier calibers is because human life is priceless. Especially if it is your own life.

From us, you can buy:

Lynx bolt rifle, model 94 in cal. 30-06 with a Laaxonen breech-block and barrel by Lothar Walther

Kreighoff Semprio, cal. 30-06

Antonio Zoli bolt rifle in calibers .300 Winchester Magnum, .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester

Lynx bolt rifle, XXO model in cal. .416 Rigby with a Lothar Walther barrel

Antonio Zoli over-and-under express in cal. 450/400 NE with 65 cm barrels, with an optics mount and ejectors

All calibers of the Labor fur Ballistic cartridges with all types of bullets.

Shoes and clothing by Laxen.

Binoculars and optics by Vixen.

The weapon you carry is not just supposed to be able to kill the game. It must ensure your safety in a dangerous situation. This is most often the case when your shot needs to stop a charging animal. To do so, you need a heavy bullet, of a large caliber, with deep penetration and large amount of energy – the so-called stopper power.
Large caliber kills anything. Do not be misled into thinking that it weighs a lot, kicks a lot or fires loudly. I cannot remember to have ever noticed my own loud shot or to have felt the heavy express kicking.
The hunt we offer is truly wild, truly extreme and Trudy dangerous. So do not afford compromises. Your own life is at stake.