About Us

Dear friends,

The Company was established in 2005, in the city of Sofia. Its assets include exclusive agreements for representation of the German Kreighoff and Finish Lynx hunting weapons, for the ammunition of Labor fur Ballistic, the Danish hunting clothing and accessories of Laxen. In collaboration with Geodar Ltd, Haskovo, we provide the products of the Italian Antonio Zolli company. Our Company has organized over 20 hunting trips all over the world – in Namibia, RSA, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Australia, Canada, USA /Alaska/, Russia, Germany and Greenland.

It is our pleasure and privilege to cooperate with such well-established tour operating companies as Adler Tours – Germany, Mistral – Austria, Leithen Valley Trophy Hunts, South Nahanni, etc.

When hunting with us, you are served by hunters. This is the advantage we offer – you hunt in territories and with PHs we have already repeatedly hunted with. We offer you our personal experience but not just that. We can supply everything necessary for your safari – from the shoes and clothing to the weapons and ammunition. We can provide you with the weapon of your choice, your preferred ammunition, optics, knife, clothes and equipment, we can advise you on the season and location for the hunt according to your means, vaccination and experience. You can be sure that this saves a lot of time, finance and efforts.

We will help accomplish a successful hunt but we won’t do it for you. We will frankly inform you of everything that lies in store in terms of price, transportation, availability of game, service etc. and we will only work together if you accept our proposal wholeheartedly.

Hunting is also a way to get to know the world – other cultures, other people, other ways of life. Concentrate on the hunt and the adventure and let us do the work.

We will simply help you to fully enjoy the experience.