The Big Five

The Big Five

To own the Big Five trophies is any true hunter’s dream. To have trophies of a Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant is not only a matter of financial means but also of a great desire and a sign of considerable hunting ability.

The Rhino population is extremely depleted and this has cause the trophy’s prices to skyrocket to EUR 45-50 000, unaffordable for most hunters. Besides, hunting possibilities have been limited to only fenced territories, mainly in South Africa. That is why we offer Rhino green hunt – that is, shooting a sedating arrow, which is much less expensive and the animal remains alive.

Attempts have been made to take the Rhino out of the Big Five and replace it with Hippo, but the international community of safarists did not accept this substitution. Similar is the situation with Lions. Good trophies may mainly be obtained from hunting safaris in farms in South Africa. Unlike the Rhino, however, free-ranging Lions may still be hunted throughout all other hunting territories in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, even in Namibia. Lion is mainly hunted on bait.

The situation with large trophies of Elephant is complicated, too. Currently, large Elephants may only be shot in Mozambique and Botswana, probably. Keep in mind that a large Elephant is one born at the time when John Hunter used to hunt in Africa.

Leopard hunt requires patience and includes a lot of unknown quantities. Excluding the hunting with dogs in South Africa, elsewhere hunt is mainly done on bait.

The Buffalo – large, powerful and aggressive, is a trophy that any self-respecting hunter ought to have. Hunt is mainly done by stalking by following tracks.

It is quite a challenge to obtain all trophies in a single safari. That is, unless you hunt on park animals which, let us get it straight from the beginning, is not a real hunt. One needs many years of patience and mastering of one’s abilities, as well as quite a bit of good chance, so that he may one day admire these trophies in his hunting gallery.

Hunting is a magic that is awaiting you. Let’s go!

And good chance!