In this vast country, we offer hunt for Black Bear, Grizzly, Elk, Caribou, Wolf, Mountain Ram, Chamois, Bison, Wapiti, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Fox and Coyote in the Rocky Mountains in the provinces of British Columbia and North-Western Territories.

Package information


Depending on the type of game chosen, in Canada Black Bears are hunted in spring and summer; Grizzly, Black Bear, Elk, Ram and Chamois are hunted in September and October.

What is included:

Price includes: trophies booked, visa is to be obtained personally, airport-camp-airport transfer, sojourn at the camp /no washing or ironing service/, food, hot and soft drinks, transportation during the safari, PH – one hunter with one PH, porter of food and drinks, hunting license and initial treatment of the trophies. The price also covers the issue of a permit for export and afterwards import of the weapon to Bulgaria.
It does not include pocket money, tips, insurance – personal or of one’s property, airplane tickets, alcohol, excess luggage, transportation expenses, permits for delivery of the trophies or hotel accommodation before or after the hunt.

What you may get for an additional fee:

For an additional fee, you may be accompanied by a Company representative, you may take along a cameraman, translator or observer, you may obtain additional trophies, and may use charter flights. You may hire a helicopter flight to survey the hunting area and track the game desired; you may obtain a fishing ticket or hunt for additional animals, not initially requested.


Accommodation is varied according to the type of game hunted. Most often it is in wooden bungalows. Most of the camps have a mobile network coverage and internet connection, as well as constant electricity supply.


Depending on the destination selected. Usually, one gets there via Frankfurt to Vancouver or Edmonton/Calgary and from there, by a charter flight. During the hunt, one uses hydroplanes, horses or off-road vehicles. Snowmobiles are used in winter, for the Wolves hunt.