Greenland is an islan – the largest in the world. We offer hunts for musk ox, caribou and fishing. Polar bear hunt is not allowed. Hunting takes place beyond the polar circle.

Package information


June – mid September. We recommend July.

The package includes:

Price includes: the price of trophies booked, no visa is required, permits for transportation of weapons by Air Greenland, airport-camp-airport transfer, sojourn at the camp /no washing or ironing service is available/; food, hot and soft drinks, transportation during the hunt, PH – one hunter with one PH, porter of food and drinks, hunting license, initial treatment of the trophies, visit to the enormous glaciers up the country and unrestricted fishing. Price is also inclusive of the issue of a permit for export and afterwards import of the weapon to Bulgaria.
It does not include pocket money, tips, insurance – personal or of one’s property, airplane tickets, alcohol or excess luggage /Air Greenland allows a total of up to 20 kg of luggage/, transportation expenses, permits for delivery of the trophies or hotel accommodation before or after the hunt.

For an additional fee, you may:

For an additional fee, you may be accompanied by a Company representative, you may take along a cameraman, translator or observer, you may obtain additional trophies, and you may use charter flights. Possibly, in the case of a late October hunt, you may hunt for caribou.


Accommodation is in tent camp – 1 or 2 persons in one tent; no bathroom. It is a short hunt – 3 days.


We recommend the following itinerary: Sofia – Frankfurt – Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq or Sofia – Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq, is you prefer flying Air Bulgaria. Locally, transportation is on boats.