Namibia is the destination we recommend the most for antelopes hunt. The country is politically stable, with a very healthy climate and a well-organized hunting tourism system. Trophies are of high quality. The level of service is excellent. Working languages – English, German and Afrikaans.

Package information


We recommend hunting from April to beginning of October.

The package includes:

Price includes: trophies booked, issuing of visa, airport-camp-airport transfer, sojourn at the camp including daily washing and ironing service, food, hot and soft drinks, transportation during the safari, PH – one hunter with one PH, tracker, porter of food and drinks, hunting license, initial treatment of the trophies. Price is also inclusive of the issue of a permit for export and afterwards import of the weapon to Bulgaria.
It does not include pocket money, tips, insurance – personal or of one’s property, airplane tickets, alcohol, excess luggage, transportation expenses, permits for delivery of the trophies or hotel accommodation before or after the safari.

For an additional fee, you may:

For and additional fee, you may be accompanied by a Company representative, you may take along a cameraman, translator or observer, or you may obtain additional trophies, hunt for game besides the one initially booked and you may use charter flights, and you may have your trophies prepared by local taxidermists. You may make a tour to certain landmarks – for instance, the hunt combines very well with fishing on the Atlantic ocean shore; you may visit
Etosha National Park, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, and you may drive ATV on the highest sand dunes in the world – those in the Namib desert.


Настаняването е в ловни ферми с ловни домове- стаи със самостоятелни санитарни възли. Има басейн, билярд, предлага се конна езда, токът е постоянен, храните и напитките на най-високо ниво.


Accommodation is on hunting farms in hunting homes – rooms each fitted with a bathroom. There is a pool, billiard, horseback ride; electricity is stable, food and drinks are of highest standard.

Types of game:

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