Tanzania – once German East Africa – is one of the unique hunting destinations in the world. This is especially true after in 1977 Kenia banned hunting on its territory. On the territory of Tanzania – entirely or partially – are situated some of the most well-known game reserves in the world – Serengeti, Ngoro-Ngoro, Manyara, Moyoasi and Rungwa. Working language – English.

Package information


Hunting season runs from 01-st July to 31-st December. We recommend the time between August and November.

What is included:

Price includes: trophies booked, issuing of visa, airport-camp-airport transfer, sojourn at the camp including daily washing and ironing service, food, hot and soft drinks, transportation during the safari, PH – one hunter with one PH, tracker, porter of food and drinks, hunting license, initial treatment of the trophies. Price is also inclusive of the issue of a permit for export and afterwards import of the weapon to Bulgaria.
It does not include pocket money, tips, insurance – personal or of one’s property, airplane tickets, alcohol, excess luggage, transportation expenses, permits for delivery of the trophies or hotel accommodation before or after the safari.

What you may pay for additionally:

For additional fee you may be accompanied by a representative of the Company, you may take along a cameraman, interpreter, observer, or acquire additional trophies; you may make use of charter or helicopter flights, have your trophies prepared by local taxidermists, visit certain touristic landmarks, such as the Ngoro-Ngoro crater, Manyara lake, lake Victoria, the island of Zanzibar and the tallest mountain pick in Africa – Kilimanjaro.


Hunting camps in Tanzania are only seasonal and thus they are organized in tents, usually on the bank of a river. Each tent has a sanitary unit. Electricity is supplied through a generator. Usually there is internet connection and mobile coverage available. According to the availability of game, flight camps – for 1-2 nights – can also be organized.


Most often one flies Sofia – Paris – Dar es Salaam, and from there to the hunting camp one takes a charter flight. During the safari, transport is organized in 4×4 vehicles, most often Toyota makes.

Types of game

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