Zambia is an extremely beneficial hunting destination. The country is politically stable, with a healthy climate. Working language – English.

Package information


May – November

What is included:

Price includes: trophy fees, trophies booked, issuing of visa, airport-camp-airport transfer, sojourn at the camp including daily washing and ironing service, food, hot and soft drinks, transportation during the safari, PH – one hunter with one PH, tracker, porter of food and drinks, hunting license, and initial treatment of trophies. Price is also inclusive of the issue of a permit for export and afterwards import of the weapon to Bulgaria, as well as in Zambia.
It does not include pocket money, tips, insurance – personal or of one’s property, airplane tickets, alcohol, excess luggage, transportation expenses, permits for delivery of trophies or hotel accommodation before or after the safari.

What can be paid for additionally:

For an additional fee, you may be accompanied by a Company representative, you may take along a cameraman, translator or observer, or you may obtain additional trophies, you may use charter flights or have your trophies prepared by local taxidermists.


Accommodation is in typically African bungalows each with individual bathroom or in a tent – according to the hunter’s preference. Some of the hunting camps have internet connection and mobile network coverage. Electricity is supplied through generators.


Generally, airport – camp transfer is in a non-hunting vehicle. Considering the concession’s vicinity to Lusaka Airport, we recommend to use a car for the transfer. 4×4 Toyota vehicles are used during the safari. For an additional fee, you may use a small charter airplane or helicopter. To get there, we recommend the following itinerary: Sofia – Frankfurt /or Munich, or Zurich/ – Johannesburg – Lusaka.

Types of game

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