Me and my Double

аз и моята двуцевка

“Me and my Double” is not just a book about hunting. It opens our eyes to the new, leads us away from the noisy and dust-covered city, away to the roots, to nature and recovers the incomparable sensation of its beauty and uniqueness.
This makes the book interesting not only to hunters but also to anyone whose soul’s call for adventures has not been silenced by the powerful pressure of contemporary civilization. It is books just like this one that I would like see in Bulgaria. Written in a beautiful, rich language, valuable as literature in themselves and of interest to the public at large and to the young that we hope to attract to our hunting fellowship. This is the true way of hunting we hope to make them passionate about – noble, smart and beautiful. After reading a book of value, you would not leave it aside. Time and again, you would go back to it. This one is a book of this kind.

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The beginning

Part One. Years in Namibia
Namibia – as I saw it
Savannas of Namibia
The Leopard
In Namibia, southeast of Erongo

Part Two. Hunting big and dangerous game –
Republic of South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe
56 000 km of hunt
Between the Kalahari sun and the spirits of Shona
Somewhere far away
The Rhino
From Lungwa to Zambezi
Plains of Matetsi
God does make mistakes, sometimes

Part Three. Canada and elsewhere
With a rifle in the Wild West
Pine River
Specifics of German national hunt
Siberia – 2008. Mosquitoes, mud and bears

Part Four. A standpoint
Once again on the game management
The old man and the boar
A sketch to the portrait of my friend Raicho Gunchev
Hunting for … poachers
Oaks of Strandja
In defense of our right to hunt
Thoughts from the Black blind
Hunting thoughts
Mist and mustaches
Dortmund – what we did there
Toys for big boys
The dog from Streltsi
The classic ones
Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei – Salzburg, 2008
Neurnberg Messe
To hunt out of spite
But, … why Blaser, for goodness’ sake!
Calibers, aims and hunters

Appendix. Requisites necessary for hunting in Africa